US-based OEM Bobcat is launching the company’s next generation of R-series telehanders, providing a choice of 12 models each with Stage V engines. The new machines cover lifting heights from six to 18 metres, with maximum lifting capacities between 2.6 and 4.1 tonnes.


“Telehandlers是我们业务战略的基本资产,”斗山博卡特emea总裁Gustavo Otero说。“我们的新突破性R系列系列提供高性能,强大的机器,可更高的正常运行时间,专注于准确的控制和直观操作,以解决施工现场的任何工作。通过这些新的模型和我们的Telehandler业务的投资增加,我们的目的是将Bobcat Telehandlers的生产加倍到2025年。“


紧凑型伸缩装载机 - TL26.60,TL30.60和TL30.70
Middle range telehandlers – TL35.70, T35.105, T35.105L and T36.120SL
高电梯Telehandlers - T35.130S,T35.130SLP,T35.140S,T41.140SLP和T40.180SLP

Gustavo Otero继续说:“山猫telehandlerspopular all around the world. We want to further improve our presence and accelerate our growth in the construction market with this new generation. Leveraging from the ease of use, safety and reliability of our equipment, we aim to be present on every job site, where this kind of equipment is needed.”


The new R-Series telehandlers offer agility on demand, with a newly configured transmission system providing enhanced smoothness to carry out the trickiest jobs at height with surgical precision. These operations are also facilitated by the combination of the Boom Positioning System, the new updated, ultra-accurate joystick, the inching function and the improved visibility from the cab.



Bobcat R系列Telehandlers采用新的驾驶室,围绕操作员设计的无与伦比的易用性,提供独特的中央控制面板,优化360°人体工程学。驾驶室的新型高品质,现代内部具有脱颖而出的R系列品牌,颜色和纹理,清晰地反映了山猫的DNA。明升扑克在符合人体工程学的设计中,所有表面都经过优化,可提供更高的空间和可见性。它围绕了一个新的5英寸LCD显示器,提供交互式和简化的信息,包括从后相机的进料,便于更容易,更精确的操作。

Bobcat has made it a very simple process for operators to start working immediately on the company’s R-Series telehandlers with the features below:

All-in-one joystick with improved ergonomics

  • 直观的汽车式控制(背光键盘,慢跑 - 梭,方向盘下的杠杆)
  • 交互式5英寸LCD显示屏
  • 半自动轮对齐
  • 自动变速箱和驻车制动器

Full protection for maximum uptime

正常运行时间是建设的关键。Bobcat Telehandlers始终拥有额外的艰难设计,并通过关键领域所有重要组件的保护性屏蔽,以及在各种可能的环境中工作的强大组件的保护屏蔽,新的R系列模型构建。屏蔽设计为液压和电气部件(包括管,线束和变速器)和保护机底座的钢板提供保护。所有Bobcat Telehandlers都有一个刚性悬臂结构和带有盒子部分布局的强大框架。


All R-Series telehandlers now feature a new engine hood with a steeper profile that increases visibility and reduces blind spots by 15% on the right hand side of the machines. Together with the new dashboard design, this provides excellent unobstructed visibility from the cab, allowing the driver to move around the job site with ease and minimises accidents or mistakes.

Access to the engine compartment has also been improved, enabling easier maintenance. Under the hood, R-Series telehandlers are powered by new upgraded versions of the Bobcat D34 Stage V engine, utilising DPF after-treatment, which is automatically regenerated with no impact on performance and no disturbance for operators.




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